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Why Go to the  University?

    Iran has over 3 million students in higher education  ,and attending  university has become a kind of habit; However, the skills of most graduates are not good enough to prepare them for jobs, and it becomes an issue for policymakers. Understanding the reasons that make a person decide to go to college, can explain this great participation in higher education.

    The Conscription has a major impact on enrollment of boys in universities. According to the constitution of Iran, all men older than 18 years old must go to military service, but if they go to the university, they can get the temporary exemption and postpone it to the later years.In addition,  attending  university  allows students who have  enough money to pay  for collaterals  get passports , so that there are some businessmen who enroll in university courses to get the passport, but they don’t go to classes.  Furthermore, some people attend  universities in hope of possible  changes  of rules, because in years the government had faced a budget deficit, buying the military service was possible. also, some students seek higher education to make military service easier because the persons with higher education will be used in easier part of military service, and if they are good researchers, they can get the exemption by doing research projects.

    Another cause of huge demand for higher education is the immigration because it’s one of best ways for migrating to western countries and receiving residency. Germany, Finland, Sweden, England, Italy, Austria, Canada, and the USA are major destinations for immigrant seekers; therefore they study hard to get the bachelor or master degree, so they can apply to study at foreign western universities.

The thirds reason for this issue is the marriage.Iranian are neither traditional nor fully modern. In Iranian tradition,  when the young boy become adult, his family will look for potential brides, but with changing the lifestyle, this process is not effective anymore; however, open affairs in public don’t have a good perception in society even in the modern families, also it percepts as a promiscuous behavior. In this situation, universities are one of the most popular places for finding a soulmate. Opposite of this case, there are girls who go to universities for escaping a marriage because their families have forced them to marriage to a certain person and involvement in university is the best excuse for postponing that unwanted marriage.

     In conclusion, Immigration, marriage, and conscription are main causes of demand for academic degrees.Policymakers should pay attention to all aspects of demand for higher education so that they can take better decisions for this phenomenon.