A group of students in UK announced a groundbreaking productivity application powered by augmented reality technology called BeyondBoard AR. Bulletin Boards have been in use for many years, but they haven’t changed much in these years.Today, BeyondBoard is going to level up the usability and functionality of bulletin boards with the help of augmented reality.

BeyondBoard features encourage users and non users of cork boards to reconsider the way they use these boards. BeyondBoard lets users resize the bulletin boards in real space and organize their ideas and goals not just by adding sticky notes but also by attaching sticky voices, sticky videos, sticky sketches and sticky photos. Furthermore they can share their boards with other users of the application. These renovated boards can also be used as digital signages. Using these amazing features users can have real time collaboration with each other.

This is a great time for augmented reality because BeyondBoard AR is a genuine productivity application for a wide range of users from students to designers, from teachers to business owners .”Said Amor-reza Asadi ,Designer and Co-founder of the application.” Real Bulletin may be too bulky for using in many cases but using Virtual Boards with help of Augmented Reality is not space consuming, moreover using Digital signage might create too much costs but using AR Boards is cost effective.”

Apple has announced new line of iPhones which are capable of providing immersive AR experience in alignment with ARKit 2.0 which is part of iOS 12 and lets users have better AR experience and join multi users AR Experiences. BeyondBoard AR is using these fantastic technologies to renovate the way people use and interact with bulletin boards.

BeyondBoard AR is be available for free in the Appstore and is compatible with iPhone 6s or later, iPad pro models and iPad 6th generation and Devices must be running iOS 12.0 Or later. Users who needs to create and share more than one boards are required to get premium membership which is only 2.99$ each month.

ThingoTeam is the group behind the BeyondPass AR application, which is made up of students who are interested and involved in emerging technologies including AR/VR and Deep Learning projects.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beyondboard_ar/

App Store:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/beyondboard-ar/id1434056653?mt=8

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