Today I found interesting documents from an old hard-drive. let’s see:

During 2012-2013 I was obsessed with designing new computers, I designed various models, some models were designed just for hobby but few models were designed with commercial purpose. I made team and we were close to launch those computers to market. unfortunately, personal issues of other co-founders ruined the project.

doc from 2012

Simorq Deskpad was designed in 2012 based. It was a 20 tablet but it wasnt designed to be portable. It supposed to replace traditional executive desk pads.

Traditional Deskpad

It was my first effort in HCI design. Large screen allowed me to create a unique multi window workspace for users.In deskpad users had three main active window. Lets Take look at one slide for more information:

I was thinking about resurrecting these old projects, but I dont like being stuck in past.

RIP Simorq Deskpad