Augmented Reality Art is a really fascinating field for me because I can use the blue ocean strategy here to grow myself. Augmented Reality arts grab attention, but there are no Andy Warhol in this side of the Art world, So it’s easier to dream about growth and proficiency, but it has it owns difficulties, the technology and apps are still immature.

Due to technical and Design issues, Audiences can just experience Most of AR Art projects by watching videos or looking at screenshots, but the real pleasure of Augmented Reality is the feeling of presence in the scene. And I hope the upcoming version of AR Artist Graffiti bring this quality.

There are two approaches to creating art pieces in AR. You can intervene in reality by Painting Computer Aided Tools like Adobe Photoshop and transforming contents to AR World, or You can Change The Reality by practical methods like moving your hands. The AR Art Apps have two different paths, Simulating Familiar thing like Pencils in AR environment to allow artists to have a real-time impact on the environment or the AR contents should get designed before presentation in Augmented Reality.
What do you choose?

In designing the AR Artist graffiti app, I choose the second path, but I’m not sure that was it the right choice or not? Should the app allows artists to place their photo gallery on walls? Or they should draw shapes and figures themselves.