.usdz is Apple file format for Augmented Reality, which allows users to share Visual AR experiences in a single file. So sharing and retrieving the AR document would be easy for end users. iOS 12 supports can open .usdz file format natively, and it helps online websites to add taste of Augmented Reality to their shops. for example, when user browse an online shop with its cellphone, he can quick look the product in Augmented Reality World without installing additional application.

.usdz file format has developed based on Pixar’s .usd file format. and the good news about Adobe Project Aero , is that , you can export your AR projects in .usdz file format.

if you are interested in using. usdz file check this url from Apple website.

if you are interested in converting your 3d files to .usdz format , you can check this url. Apple doesnt provide a user friendly application for conversion of file to usdz format. and you need to convert the files programmatically in python

ps: USD does not mean , US Dollar, it stands for universal scene description, but it can become the King USD of 3d assets. there is the high possibility of android supports .USDZ file format natively soon.