I ‘m not a graphic designer yet but I used graphic designing softwares for long years, Also I see that the knowledge of graphic design is necessary for  User interface design and Industrial Design so I started The Graphic Design Specialization. and this is one my assignments in this  journey of study.



Gotham Font Features

Gotham typeface has designed by American Type Designer,  Tobias Frere-Jones in 2000, So this not an old font and it has designed in millennial  era.  Architectural signages in NY has inspired this typeface and it used by Netflix for year (1)Also it’s recommended to use this font outdoors because its primarly designed this way(2),Also the typefaces has designed digitally.
Barrack Obama’s Campaign in 2008 has used this typeface several times[5].

The typeface is serif  and the x-height of the font is high  [5] . This typeface family has four different widths:Regular , Narrow, Condensed  and extra narrow.

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