Last night I was thinking about my computing  devices, I was saying to my self

Are they  getting old? Should I buy new devices?

My iMac is late 2012 model with SSD hard drive and 16GB memory. The only problem with this device is the graphic card;it has nVidia geforce gt 640m 512mb gaming,but it’s not enough for VR technology;however, the new desktop technologies are not mature enough, so it’s better to wait for new technologies if you are not in  urgent need of VR-Ready processing  power. Also, You can buy an external GPU.

Honestly, I believe desktop activities need desktop class systems. I own a Macbook Air and  an iPad Mini too, but I use my iMac for coding and  designing, MacBook is a good device , it can do most of the tasks well but larger systems    provide you  a better experience. Now you can say “Objection ! iMac and MacPro are not portable how can I use them when I’m not at my office? Why you didn’t mention the   MacBook Pro with Touch bar?”

    MacBook Pro with Touch bar can create  a fiery passion that blind the eyes and leave the ears deaf.It is the most fascinating laptop that a Person can buy, so I can’t criticize  this masterpiece but why I said iPad Pro is the better choice ?because iPad Pro perform better for handy needs. To make clear my viewpoint lets define categories for computers.

  • Desktop Computers: There should be most powerful devices with upgradability  features.
  • Laptops: When you need laptops? If you work in a development team, You need  a portable desktop, and  MacBook Pro is the best choice.
  • Tablet Computing:For active  persons who should visit different places  or move around .

      If you are Executive, student, Designer or a Person who moves beyond  specific situations iPad Pro is for you. You can every thing with that. Also if you need to work with applications like Xcode, You can access to your desktop with VNC applications through LTE and start developing while seating in train seat or even playing video games. In world  the that people use render farm, turning desktop to an IDE server is a rational step. In addition, You can use services like MacCloud to access to Xcode . Using Cloud development platform services such as Cloud9   becomes attractive for developers more and more many.While  I am insisting in launching your Personal Desktop Cloud, It’s up to you to decide the better solution.  

     For Final words I  use iMore reasons for buying iPad Pro instead of MacBook:  “thanks to the directness of its interface and simplicity of its operations. It’s even got a Pencil and attachable keyboard now. If sitting in front of a computer ever made you feel stuck in place, or lost, get an iPad Pro.[1]

PS:this guy used iPad Pro for developing , you can read his post.