I wrote this essay for an academic writing course and I think topic of this essay can be attractive for Gamers.

In Defense of Gaming

   If a boy can kill a gigantic beast in a game, then he has enough courage to face the difficulties of life. Video games are most evolved form of media that can carry information and knowledge.Reading books, seeing paintings, listening to music, watching videos are ways that humankind can consume information and knowledge in order to make feel joy or improve the sense of self, and video games is a form of media for transferring knowledge, so Video games as a kind of media should be available for children.

   Video games have a huge potential for carrying and providing knowledge to children, so it can be helpful in the growth of children.Video games teach competition, leadership, communication and strategy to children.Competition might be a terrible concept for children, but Video games can teach them an idea of competition joyfully. The strategy is a hard concept to grasp for adults, but strategic games teach strategies and time management to kids.Multiplayer action games such as Rainbow Six seem to be dangerous; however, kids can learn the concept of leadership and teamwork through this type of games.Video games are useful in instructing literature and languages through Role Playing Games because RPG games like Skyrim and Fable present rich literature in levels of the game, and while kids may not be interested in reading books with fine literature, but gamification of video games attracts kids  to literature of these games.

   Moreover, Video games can help children in improving cognitive skills, which may lead to better IQ.Research of Linda Jackson(2011) indicates that there is a relationship between video game playing and creativity in 12-years old children.Also, Action Video Games can improve the speed of decision-making without loss in accuracy(C. Shawn Green,2010).  The logic of video games can challenge the brain and it can work a cognitive training which might help enhance cognitive skills.

    Finally, Oppositions of availability of video games for children, always tell gaming can make kids lazy, depressed, moody and sick but they don’t talk about effects of reading book, studying hard and bullies in schools.Everything can have a bad side for instance if a person drinks too much of water, even its pure and clean, he can get sick, same goes here.If parents force kids to study too much, they will get sick and, if they don’t care about the way their children play games, the kids will get problems too.

    In conclusion, The video games are both joyful for children and helpful for their growth.Video games can improve cognitive skills and complex concepts to children and help them in their life. Instead of blind ignoring  of video games, teachers, parents and education activists should embrace video games for a better future.


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