Adobe promises that, its Augmented Reality Authoring Application, Project Aero will support Photoshop, Dimension and Illustrator format. but when you install Project Aero and try to add psd files, you may experience trouble. To solve this issue you should install the latest version of Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 and go to

File > Export > Export to Aero.

The new file will be .psd too, but Project Aero Application supports only .psd files which are exported with new version of Photoshop.

Project Aero allows graphic designer to add space between the layers of their psd documents in AR.

Adobe Project Aero , Photo by IClarified.

Project Aero currently supports following Adobe Photoshop features

3D Layers, Layer Visibility ,Layer Naming ,Layer Groups ,Adjustment Layers / Blend Modes ,Text Layers / Vector Layers / Smart Objects,Layer Effects ,Channels