Hello My friends , Just a moment ago , I received an incredible email from Atari.

They sent me first photos of of Ataribox design and here you can have first look to Ataribox.

Im really excited about that but I’m not sure how it works?

thy design has inspired from classic Atari and it has famous wood element and ribbed lines,and indicator lights that glow through the material and make the lovely Atari logo Shining .  The design is seamless and I like it and  I think you like it too ,but there are many doubts and questions.How it will work?

The Ataribox has 4x USB ports( I dont know that whether they are USB 3 or not!) , HDMI port( 4k?) and SD .And there is no blu-ray drive!It makes me fear about the future of this console. I know that 74% of game market  is created by digital sales(1)including full game digital downloads, subscriptions, DLC, mobile and social) and memory cards have good capacity for transferring the game data but I’m afraid about the quality of Ataribox games.

There is  NO photo from the controller or gamepad of the this console.I was afraid that ATARIBOX is just another doomed micro-console in eighth generation era.but one sentence from official statement made me hopeful

“we will be delivering classic gaming content, we will also be delivering current gaming content.”

I hope their understand that the gamers have experienced  the high quality graphics of PS4 and Xbox One and Atari brand only can sell few millions units(This is a lot but not for fighting with Sony and Microsoft). However it might be the strategy of Atari to test the temperature of  gaming console battlefield and they have another console in the way.(9th Generation  Console?).

The good point is that the design team asked for  Atari community feedback Let’s make it clear for them we don’t’ want another PlayStation TV.

We are hungry for more details; on specs, games, features, pricing, timing but We want promising high end specifications.

P.S:  I forgot to mention one important thing. The Ataribox will have two editions:Wood Edition and Black/Red edition. Which design do you want to buy?