This is another essay that I wrote  in  the academic writing course.

 Education VS Experience

Education or experience which is vital?There is  a long argument in human resource department about importance of experience and education.which  person is more valuable for organizations?The person who comes from libraries or the person who comes from work battles.They behave and act differently in organizations.

The first difference is about the time is needed to gain knowledge from the book and the experience.There are books that explain hundred years of research so people can pick up one of these books and read the book in hours or ultimately in a month.In the other hand, if people want to learn this knowledge themselves, they need to spend years of their life ,and even they may need to change their directions in other words, learning from books take short time but learning from experiences takes a long time.

Secondly, the knowledge gained from experience is hard to in other words experiences are easy to remember and recall. When troubles come, practitioners act quickly but academics may need to recover their notes in order to find the right solutions.

The third difference is about using the knowledge in the decision-making process.The ability to make the right decision is important for employees ,and it’s critical for executives. Solving different problems needs different approaches because the nature of problems is diverse.One major factor, that determines the recommended decision-making approach is problem environment.In linear environments, most decisions are rational so in this problems using the knowledge gained from books is better.Since the academics could have more knowledge because of less time for learning from books, they can make better rational decisions.However, there are decision-making processes that should take place in short time. Problems can be both risky and unclear but they need quick reactions. the term “non-sequential” is used for this kind of problems.The well-experienced people can take better decisions in these contexts.

The importance of both kinds of knowledge can be debated.Learning from books is widespread but the Experiences help organizations in critical moments.The knowledge gained from books can become more valuable if the documenters of organizations try  to induce experiences more effectively.