This paper has accepted for  International Conference on Knowledge Management, Block chain and Economics


This paper aims to discover content marketing techniques to create online trust and to help content strategists develop an effective strategy. It investigates the role of different content types and techniques used to convey the message to promote knowledge among customers and their impact on the customers perceived trust. In this research, a quantitative approach was adopted; questionnaires were given to visitors of an Iranian online store specializing in video games. Eventually, 406 responses were received and analyzed by using structural equation modeling. The results show that different kinds of content and techniques conveying the messages of contents have a positive and meaningful correlation with online trust, though the effectiveness of all the content types and approaches was not verified. The results indicate that using the written reviews by experts, Twitter updates, video clips, news and step by step guides have indeed a significant relationship to online customer’s trust. Furthermore, entertaining and inspiring approaches to content messages have a positive relationship with online trust.

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