Introduction of ARKit was one of best news from WWDC 2017.

I was waiting for ARKit I was afraid that the rumors are not true , but Apple Management took right decision and showed that they have plan for future. Now I’m sure about future of Apple after Steve Jobs.Apple products might be expensive but no tech company in world has same degree of belief  in creating their best products for their customers.Steve Jobs has said:”There’s some stuff in our industry that we wouldn’t be proud to ship—that we wouldn’t be proud to recommend to our family and friends—and we can’t do it,” adding, “We just can’t ship junk.”

I want Apple leader ship in industry for this part of their DNA.If Microsoft was leader of new techs we dont have new fonts. We dont have thin smartphones. We have just buggy and ugly devices.

Augmented Reality needs Apple leadership. Of course. there are many great researchers and companies in Augmented Reality (AR) field but Its important to have Apple Leadership  because Apple have high standards and extend the basic qualities of technology and it’s good for people and  market.

Now , I should have a meeting with my friend for possible applications we can build with this technology.

ARkit Augmented Reality Kit for iOS